The Company Lex Fortis will assist you in execution of Leave to Remain in Latvia. We offer comprehensive resolution of all issues related to getting the leave to remain in or the permit of residence in Latvia.

The Leave to Remain Card is a document authorizing the foreign citizen to reside in the territory of the Republic of Latvia, to work, study, use medical and public services, process invitation for issue of visa for relatives and other persons, as well as to move freely all over the European Union.

The Leave to Remain Card (hereinafter the LRC) for the period of 5 years can be gotten by fulfilling one of the following conditions:

1. Investment in the equity of enterprise of the Republic of Latvia

2. Investment in credit institution (bank) of the Republic of Latvia in a form of subordinated equity of credit institution

3. Investment in real property of the Republic of Latvia

Advantages and possibilities of the Leave to Remain Card or the Permanent Resident Card

  1. The Leave to Remain Card is issued for the period of 5 years. On the expiry of this period you can pretend to the Permanent Resident Card, and in 5 years – for the citizenship of the Republic of Latvia.
  2. If you need to obtain a visa for entry into the United Kingdom, USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, than the availability of resident permit can considerably facilitate this process.
  3. Any person got the Permit of Residence in Latvia would get a status of resident of the country. The status of Latvia resident enables to move freely all over the Schengen countries and to stay in them.
  4. The resident of Latvia, who has its status on the basis of resident permit, is not obliged to stay in the territory of Latvia during definite number of days within certain period. You have full freedom of movement.
  5. The Leave to Remain Card confers a right to obtain employment from any employer in Latvia without special work permit. Accordingly, the holder of Leave to Remain Card has the right for unemployment benefit.
  6. The Leave to Remain in Latvia grant to its holder the privileges similar to the privileges of permanent resident of the Republic of Latvia (provided that you work and pay taxes in Latvia), as well as the medical benefits, benefit in connection with birth of child, and sickness benefit etc.
  7. The Leave to Remain confers a right to purchase motor vehicles, cutters and yachts and to register them in its name.